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Meet Darcie

Hi! My name is Darcie and my passion is ergonomics and providing an excellent, evidence-based resource for those who want to do quality office ergonomics assessments. I'm a Board Certified Professional Ergonomist (via the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomists) and I'm a Registered Kinesiologist with a Master’s of Science degree. I have over 15+ years doing ergonomic assessments...

Ergonomics is my PASSION. I believe there is such a clear congruency between Health Professionals and them adding value to BOTH their clinic's revenue stream AND their client's quality of life by adding ergonomic assessments to their services!

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Product Review: Evoluent Mouse

The Evoluent vertical mouse is probably the most popular and successful ‘alternative’ type of mouse available on the market today. When looking at its design, it looks like a regular mouse that is shifted upwards 90 degrees. From a usability perspective it is very similar to a traditional mouse making it familiar, intuitive and requiring no training […]

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