4 simple changes you can do TODAY to change your life.

Do you have lower back pain?

Does it tend to be lower at the beginning of the work week or workday?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then it is likely that the root cause of your symptoms is a result of the way that your office is set-up! Injuries related to the set-up of your office workstation tend to get worse and compound over time. To put shortly, it is so important to get at the root cause of your symptoms to save you pain later!

At first these injuries may start as an inconvenience. An example of this is needing to lean forward to view the monitor and type on the keyboard, so what ends up happening is that your back is not in firm contact with the backrest. Lack of back support is one of the leading causes for lower back pain. Leaning forward to get your work done may be considered to be an inconvenience. This inconvenience eventually leads to occasional discomfort and eventually to lower back pain.

Not only are injuries painful, they can lead to productivity losses! There is a solution here. There are just four simple changes that you can make today to improve your work set-up to make you feel better! These steps are listed below. They are all based on setting you up in the most neutral, optimal and comfortable work position.

  • The position of the user’s feet relative to the ground.
    • Are your feet securely on the ground?
  • The position and placement of the chair’s back support relative to the user’s back. Lower back pain and ergonomics
    • Is the chair’s back support (height and lumbar support) positioned optimally for your unique back curvature?
  • The position of the your eye height relative to the monitor height.
    •  Is your eye height slightly higher than the monitor height?
  • The position of the user’s hands relative to the keyboard height.
    • Is your hand height slightly higher than the keyboard height?

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