This product is long overdue. Months ago the wonderful folks sent along the Crane Elevate and Classic laptop stands. And (finally) for the past month I was able to use this laptop stand to hold my laptop and position it as a secondary monitor. And I must say right off the hop, Crane makes quality hardware. And it makes perfect sense as Crane has been a leader in the DJ industry for a long time.


  • Crane is an established leader in the DJ world and for good reason
  • Light
  • Metal
  • Durable
  • Well built
  • Thick rubber for laptop to sit on
  • Telescopic bits on the elite so that you can raise and lower height
  • U or Z shape

Jumping right in, the Crane Elevate holds true to its product description: it is a lightweight, durable, metal laptop stand that is highly portable and stable. The Elevate stand seems to be very well built as Crane claims aerospace materials and we believe it. The stand can be used in a “U” or “Z” shape. Naturally we found we preferred the Z shape as it resulted in a very stable base of the laptop. However if you need to conserve desk space or want to tuck the stand under your mixer or turntable (for those who’s office is a DJ Booth), the U shape was plenty sturdy. However we suggest not hammering down on the keys while in the U shape as the laptop tray can be a bit “bouncy” under pressure.

Since the Elevate stand is telescopic, the laptop can be positioned between 5cm and 35cm (Crane says between 1.5” and 15” so close enough). On a number of occasions we tested the height of the stand and used it in a make-shift standing desk. We recommend only using the laptop stand as a standing convert for short durations only because the screen height cannot be positioned at a high enough level (for some users) and the keyboard height and angle may not be appropriate for all users either. This means that this laptop stand could be ergonomically risky if you use it as a standing workstation for a long periods of time. So be aware of this if you choose to these for standing. The knobs tighten quite easily making the base and tray very stable however we found that the knobs which tighten the telescopic arms needed to be turned quite tight in order to secure them. The laptop tray can be tilted to pretty much any angle that a rational person might desire, however beside the vertical tilt there is no ability to tilt horizontally or torque the stand. Pros (1)

Bottom-Line: This is an awesome robust stand and we most certainly recommend it as a quality and ergonomic device that we would use as a laptop stand. This laptop stand is not inexpensive, coming in at about $124.99 currently for the Elevate. Is this cost justified? We took a tally around the office and we believe so for a laptop stand only. Now, if you are interested in using this product to convert your laptop to a standing workstation then particular caution should be paid as the monitor height or keyboard position may not be ergonomic for all users. That can mean discomfort for some if used for a long time. If you choose to use this as a standing desk pay special attention to its set-up as it could be okay for you; for more information download our free ebook to see what an ergonomic set-up would look like for you. 

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