We’ve been talking about the launch of our E-book for quite some time now… and least be said that we were very excited to drop it to our VIPs last week and place it as our new ‘Pop-up’ this week. If you are looking to download it you just scroll down this page to subscribe to our newsletter in order to access it.

Today we wanted to dedicate an entire post to our E-book in order to formally introduce you to it, explain why we wanted to do this, and also provide some examples of how you can immediately implement its key-learnings. Our E-book is called the Ergonomics Quick Start Guide. The goal of this E-book is to give you the tools to adjust your own workstation! Sounds good? We thought so too! If you haven’t guessed it already, we here at ergonomicsHelp are super proud of this!quickstartguide pictures

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We found that there was a shortage of really high-quality and free content on the interwebs about Ergonomics. Specifically, finding quality Ergonomics information in a central location was difficult: you would have had to go to several different websites to glean enough information to understand your Ergonomics problem. On top of this, you have to make sure to cross-reference all of the information that you just found to ensure that that it was credible. As you can imagine, this method is incredibly time consuming. By doing it this way, a simple office ergonomic adjustment could turn out to be very complex because you have to juggle all of the different resources to find one solution. There is also another big risk with this method: by referencing multiple websites and cross-referencing this information there is a real risk of someone missing something really important. We weren’t very satisfied with this process, so we decided to take measures into our own hands. planfromebook


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The strategy behind this E-book is to provide value to our subscribers by providing our top tips, tricks, and shortcuts about Ergonomic adjustments in the office. We’ve done thousands of ergonomic assessments (literally). In our experience, many of the adjustments and solutions that we would provide to our clients were actually quite straight forward and very replicable. Many times, our clients just needed to be introduced to the ‘Ergonomic’ perspective to be able to objectively look at the set-up of their workstations to ensure an Ergonomic fit. And with just a little education during the assessments, many clients were quite confident that they could maintain their set-up and be able to go through the Ergonomic process again when we were not there.


The big secret, if you haven’t already guessed, is fitting the workstation to the user. The way that we recommend this method in the E-book is by:

  1. Optimizing all workstation devices and equipment.
  2. Tailoring the workstation to allow the user (or you!) to work within neural postures.

It’s not a formula as much as a method. We say this because as the picture below represents, we all come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. One ergonomics solution would simply not work for everyone. That’s why we advocate for everyone working within their ‘neutral posture’. Not only is working in a neutral posture extremely comfortable, it is also very unlikely that an injury will result from it. In our E-book we show you what a neutral body posture is for the major body parts when working with a computer.


We systematically walk you through key adjustment principals for every device/equipment (including the chair) to ensure that the user is working neutrally. In the last part of the E-book, something that we think will add a lot of value to our subscribers, we give you real-world examples of how to work with your workstation’s adjustability. Many times we come across workstations with only a height-adjustable chair. So, we have included examples of how to adjust your workstation with this factor in mind. At the other end of the spectrum, we provide examples of how to work with a workstation that is fully height-adjustable (height-adjustable monitor, height-adjustable keyboard tray, and height adjustable chair) too.

All in all we are very proud of this E-book and we hope that you will get a lot of value from it. If you haven’t had a chance yet, make sure that you subscribe. You will then have access to download our e-book.