We like to review popular ‘ergonomic’ products. Here are some of the previous ergonomic reviews that we have already done:

Today we are going to review a compact keyboard made by Adesso. The really neat thing about this is that, like with every compact keyboard on the market today, it offers some ergonomic benefits to the user by its design, specifically for right handed mousers. We’ve posted about this in previous articles, you can check out the post here. Here is the cole’s notes version on the value of using a compact keyboard for right handed mousers.

This is what mousing looks like with a traditional/conventional keyboard.above_fskb

Compare this with a compact keyboard. You can see that there are some major ergonomic benefits just by eliminating the number pad: the right arm is in a more neutral position and extended reaches are eliminated. This technically would reduce the majority of ergonomic risk for the right shoulder and may assist with improving comfort levels for users.  above_cpkb


Eliminates Long Right Handed Reaches. To explain the reasoning behind this point is where our graphics above come into play. A traditional/conventional keyboard can result in a lot of side-reaching (abduction) to get to the mouse for right handed mousers. The Adesso keyboard closes this gap by simply eliminating it’s number pad. For this reason, this keyboard may be ideal for:

  • Users experiencing right arm/shoulder discomfort AND use their right hand to mouse
  • Users who are sensing some warning signs or symptoms of ergonomic concern and would like to take some proactive steps to their wellness. Signs and symptoms are clues that some sort of action is required sooner than later. Once warning signs have been noticed, their root cause should be identified in order to stop the progression of ergonomic injury from occurring.


PRO-TIP: We highly recommend trying this keyboard out before purchasing to ensure a good fit to your needs! 

Good Price Point. Compared to a lot of other ergonomic products on the market today, the Adesso keyboard positions itself as being very reasonably priced; the Adesso keyboard is priced much lower than other compact keyboards. For some users, this could actually be the deciding factor in making this purchase. adesso-mini-keyboard-akb-901-13


Low Intuitiveness. Simply put, the lettered keys on this keyboard are not where you would expect them to be. Not only have I found this to be true, but many clients that I have worked with in the past have made a point to tell me of their frustration of getting used to this keyboard. Low intuitiveness can have a major negative impact on someone’s productivity. In my experience, many don’t choose this keyboard for this reason. In contrast, the ideal keyboard would let the user jump in and in a matter of moments allow them to feel like a pro.

Bulky Design. This keyboard has a bulky design; its front edge has a high profile that makes contact with the underside of the user’s wrists. I personally, found this to be uncomfortable and a lot to be desired especially when you look at some of their competitors design, such as the Microsoft Arc. Too much contact between the underside of the wrists can lead to discomfort and soft tissue compression, which is an ergonomic risk for circulation and other chronic injuries.

Pros (1)

The major benefit of the Adesso keyboard is it’s price point and its compact design. However these positives should not outweigh it’s poor relative key placement and high profile design. Lastly, if you are interested in this product, we HIGHLY recommend that you try this keyboard before purchasing!