The Adesso Slim Touch Mini Keyboard can be best summed up as an alternate ergonomic keyboard. Why do I use the term ‘ergonomic’? Well for the most part I agree that ergonomics as a term has been misused by clever marketers to sneakily promote products that may not necessarily be beneficial to the user; this keyboard does offer some benefits to the user’s ergonomics. More on this below!

Unlike most other mouse/keyboard designs, the touchpad mouse is actually built into the design of the keyboard. The Adesso SlimTouch Mini Keyboard is a compact keyboard, with the number pad eliminated. It is reminiscent to a laptop set-up. Why choose a compact keyboard in the first place? View this post.

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Minimal Reach Distance for Mousing. Similar to a laptop design, the mouse of this keyboard is placed in-between the user and keyboard, and the touchpad is positioned centrally (allowing for ambidextrous mouse use). The strongest design aspect is that its mouse design eliminates extended reaching postures to the mouse. This is a big ergonomic-design win when comparing it to a traditional keyboard (with the number pad attached to its right). With a traditional keyboard, the user is likely forced to mouse with outwardly reaching (aka externally rotated) shoulder positions, and this is considered to be awkward. Too much outward rotation of the shoulder can result in discomfort or even injury overtime.

Ambidextrous Mouse Placement. I’ve recommended this keyboard/mouse many times before to clients who have had some sort of repetitive strain injury in their dominant (right) arm. This may have been because of wrist, elbow or shoulder discomfort. The touchpad is located in a central location and the benefit of this is that the user can easily transition into more equal mouse use distribution between the left and right arms. And, ergonomically speaking, symptoms will reduce if the symptomatic arm is used less. As you can imagine, I have received positive feedback on the Adesso Slim Touch Mini Keyboard from those with extreme shoulder discomfort related to the traditional design of the keyboard.


Low Intuitiveness. Compared to a traditional keyboard, its key placement has a slightly different placement/relative position of its keys. This may lead to typing errors and frustrations when adapting to this keyboard. It certainly did for me.

Increased Reach Distance to Keyboard. Since the mouse is positioned between the user and keyboard, the reach distance to the keys is increased! What this means is to use the keyboard, it results in increased awkward postures for the shoulder, considered to be an ergonomic risk. Of course, this is not as extreme as the side reaching associated with a traditional type of keyboard, but it still is considered to be a risk that may aggravate some user’s symptoms.

Pros (1)

The Adesso Slim Touch Mini Keyboard does eliminate extreme mousing postures by its combination of its compact design and central mouse position. Although the extreme side reaching (external rotation) mousing postures are eliminated with this design, there is still some shoulder flexion (considered to be an awkward posture) required to use the keyboard to clear the touch pad placement.