The Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard (k400) combines a compact keyboard with a touchpad mouse attached to its right side.  It’s a unique design that many would find really useful. Why choose a compact keyboard in the first place? View this post.

Design. This mouse combines a compact keyboard with a touchpad mouse to the right of the keyboard. And, if you have read any of our other posts, you’ll know how much we love a well-designed compact keyboard. By default, extreme and extended reaches while mousing are eliminated with its integrated design, helping to reduce shoulder symptoms.

This design also makes it ideal for many in-home entertainment systems. Why? The keyboard with its built-in touch pad tremendously improves the user experience since you don’t need to spend time looking for the keyboard or mouse. I know that I have been in this situation before and it can be quite frustrating.

Low Force. The buttons on the keyboard and mouse require little force to operate, as the keys and touchpad can be lightly touched with any finger to operate. As a general rule, exerting low force reduces the susceptibility of developing a repetitive force type of injury (such as tennis elbow).

Intuitive Design. With some compact keyboards, the key placement is just slightly off leading to more typing errors and overall frustration from the user. Not with this keyboard. From a usability perspective, since it is very similar to a traditional keyboard and thereby familiar, this means that the design will be quite intuitive, have little error associated with its use, and require no training to master.

Price Point. The price point for a keyboard with these features are well below its competitors that can make it quite attractive for those who are budget-minded.


Design. As we mentioned above, there are many aspects that we really liked with this keyboard’s compact design. However, one of the design features inherent to this device that could be considered a ‘con’ is the location of the touch pad since it is fixed to the right. This would obviously be a limitation for left hand dominant users, or any user that wanted to switch between the right and left handed for mousing tasks as a preventative measure. I should also clarify this statement that when set-up appropriately, the mouse should be in a fairly neutral position with the right shoulder and technically there shouldn’t be a significant amount of risk associated with it.

Button Size. As with most compact keyboard there is a trade-off between the size of the keyboard and button size. The smaller size buttons may not make it appropriate for those with larger hands. But, at the same time, those with smaller to medium sized hands would likely find that the button size fits their fingers/hands appropriately.

Touchpad Controls. Although there isn’t a lot of force to operate, the left and right click buttons are somewhat awkward to press down. Admittedly this will not pose a significant ergonomic risk but it also doesn’t help with the user experience. In today’s crowded marketplace, having an excellent user experience would certainly set any product apart from its competition.
Pros (1)

There are many advantages to the Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard (k400) being intuitive design and elimination of extended reach distances. One ‘con’ to keep in mind is the fixed placement of touchpad to the right of the keyboard. Whether or not this is considered acceptable for you is entirely based on how you spend your day, your habits, and if you actually like using it. Trying any device is always strongly recommended before purchasing.

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