We are very excited about today’s post! This is because we are launching a new series, happening every Tuesday, where we select one person who tweets @ us with a picture of their workstation. And we give free advice on how to improve their workstation set-up.

Today’s post is brought to you by @alexsusma

Here is the picture of their workstation


So you can see that Alex has built their own standing workstation. Alex put textbooks on top of his desk to raise the height of his keyboard and monitor. A very clever use of texts, Alex! Let’s see what we can do to improve the workstation ergonomics!

How to Improve the Workstation Ergonomics:

  1. The keyboard may be too high for Alex. The top of the keyboard should be slightly lower than the 90 degrees elbow position. The upper arm and elbow should be comfortably tucked into the side of the torso, directly below the shoulder. 
  2. Make sure the top of the screen is slightly lower than Alex’s standing eye height. In an ideal posture, Alex’s chin should be parallel with the ground. Additionally, make sure that the bottom of the monitor is tilted upwards at approximately 15 degrees.
    1. If the monitors are too much lower than neutral eye height, it may make sense to place some of the texts from below the keyboard to underneath the monitors. 
  3. If you have sore feet try running shoes when you stand or purchase anti-fatigue matting (trust us it works!)