If you have read any posts from this blog then you know how much we are fans of simple tips that give you big value. I especially like cost-effective (aka free) ergonomic strategies. I’ve said it before that ergonomics doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot; a good way to save big money but give big results is via workspace adjustments. Many times people just jump into workstations and don’t give adjusting them a second thought. A slight adjustment to your desk height can relieve shoulder tension; a change in your backrest angle can help with back pain. So often we overlook these simple strategies in favour of more costly solutions. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Often when I walk into offices, I see footrests pushed to the side of people’s desks, collecting dust. Other times I see workstations that are entirely too high for the person sitting in it leading to a number of ergonomic challenges. It doesn’t take a degree in ergonomics to figure out what’s wrong in a workstation, but there is clear value knowing how to quickly and simply change your workstation for optimal fit.

Let’s talk about Footrests.

Footrests are often overlooked for more expensive office solutions. So, today I’m going to share 2 reasons why footrests are so great.

Here’s 2 BIG Reasons Why Footrests Are Awesome.

  1. If your desk (work surface) is too high. Even a desk height that is one inch or two too high can mean a world or pain for some. To solve this challenge you can either use a keyboard tray (more expensive) or footrest. Footrests essentially take the need away from using a keyboard tray. The downside is that you’ll be a little higher from the ground when you sit which could be a bit of a hazard for some accident prone people.
  2. Making full contact with the backrest of your chair. Just by using a footrest your lower back will have improved contact with the backrest of your chair. Don’t believe me? Try it yourself! It’s always a good thing to have your lower back fully supported by the chair’s lumbar support and this can reduce complaints of back pain.

So, what do you think -are footrests really that awesome? Let me know in the comments below!

PRO-TIP: To be considered ergonomic, your feet should always be making firm contact with the ground. On top of this, you shouldn’t feel any pressure points on the underside of your thighs.

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